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Hundreds of free Runescape Cheats, Scar Scripts, Autobots, Autominers, and other Runescape Hacks

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Ultimate Cheat Pack 2.0 Released
      After countless hours of scouring the web and compiling bots, macros, and scripts, I have finally completed the Ultimate Cheat Pack version 2.0 . Want to download it? See more about the cheat pack: here.

Getting & Using Scar
      The best, safest, and most common method for using Runescape is with scar scripts or by using downloadable autoers & cheats. To use scar scripts, you will need to download the scripting program Scar 2.03 by Kaitnieks. Scar is especially popular because it lets you write your own autobots / autoers, cheats, and macros. Scar is based on the Pascal programming language and uses color-based clicking to automatically click on user-defined colors. Scar is most commonly used in Runescape, but it can also be used for other online games, or as a generalized macroing program. In runescape Scar scripts function in a wide variety of ways such as mining, buying, fighting, fishing, fletching, mining, runecrafting, smithing, and woodcutting. If you don't already have Scar you will need to download the latest version:       Once you have Scar, you will need to find scripts online, or write them yourself. Scar Scripts are sold online for real money or for Runescape gold, but scripts for many autobots like autominers and autofighters can usually be found online for free that are just as good. For more information on using Scar check out the Official Scar User Manual. Here is a large collection of free Scar Scripts that I have put together. Also check out this collection of free runescape autobots & cheats that are available for download.

Runescape Cheats & Autobots
      Although Scar is probably the most popular program for runescape macroing, there are many other cheats and autobots that can be used in runescape. Runescape 101 offers free autobots, autoers, macros, cheats, hacks, and free autominer downlads. Be careful when downloading runescape cheats or autobots online as many are infected with viruses and trojans. Only download from sources that you trust. Click here for a full list of clean runescape autobots, or choose from this list of popular runescape cheats:
Private Servers
      Although there are no real runescape hacks, private servers are the closest you can come to hacking runescape. Private Servers such as MoparScape are user controlled worlds that are not controlled by Jagex. This means that the entire world can be redefined however the admin wants. You can even rewrite a runescape world yourself. The most popular Private Server Client is MoparScape. One of the best features of this client is the fact that Aryan is built into it. Aryan used to be the most popular autoer program for runescape. Unlike using scar, or macros, Aryan actually let you interact with runescape in the background. This meant that you could run Aryan at the same time as you surfed the web or checked your email. Unfortunately, Jagex blocked Aryan and now it's entirely obsolete other than in Private Servers.

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