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Runescape 101 - Tsearch
Performing the Tsearch pseudo-hack

How It Works

      Tsearch is a computer utility program that lets you locate and edit hexadecimal numbers on your computer. You can use Tsearch to locate and change numbers in runescape (eg. the number of coins in your inventory). Unfortunately, this only works temporarily in runescape, so you can make it look like you have 100M gp but once you try to bank or drop this money, it changes back to the number that you actually have. Although this hack doesn't actually do anything for your runescape character, it's still a neat trick that you can do to impress your friends with your hacking skills, or to create impressive screenshots. The only way to actually dupe items with this hack would be if you could send the edited number through a security hole in a runescape server.

What You Need Performing the hack

    Step 1 - Setting Up Runescape

Make sure that you have downloaded one of the runescape clients listed above. First, open the client and log in to your runescape account. Now, go to a bank and withdraw the items that you want to duplicate. It is easier to use a high number of items, but you can duplicate anything as long as you have more than 1 of them. In this example I will change 100 gp into 100 million.

    Step 2 - Setting Up TSearch

Once you have downloaded TSearch, open the program and click on "Open Process", then select "runescape.exe" and click "open". Tsearch is now focused on runescape.

    Step 3 - Locate the item with TSearch

Now that TSearch has selected runescape, you will need to make TSearch search through runescape and find the number that controls how many coins (or other items) are in your inventory. First, click on the small magnifying glass below "Open Process" to initiate a new search. Now , under "value", enter the number of coins that are in your inventory (100 in this case). Under "Type", make sure that you select "8 Bytes". Click "OK". Now Tsearch will search through the runescape program and find every number that is equal to 100. TSearch only searches through your account, but it will still come up with around 5,000 to 10,000 entries that have this value.

    Step 4 - Narrow the Search

To narrow the search down to the correct variable, you will need to distinguish the number in your inventory from every other variable that also has a value of 100. To do this, we will decrease the gold in our inventory by 20 and then search through the remaining search results and find which of them are now 80. Probably, only the number that will fit this description is the one that controls our gold. First, deposit 20 of your 100 gold in the bank. Be sure to exit out of the bank before you continue. Now, in TSearch, click on the small magnifying glass next to the one you first clicked. Now, under "Value" type in "80". After you have done this, there will only be 1, 2, or 3 results left.

    Step 5 - Edit The Number of Items

Under the box containing "Address", "Value", and "Type", double-click on the uppermost entry. This will open a new entry in the box labelled "Description". Now, click on the "Value" box which should say 80. This will allow you to edit the number of gold pieces in your inventory. Type in "100000000" to give yourself 100M gp. The max value that you can have is 1410M items. Unfortunately, when you try to drop this money or store it in the bank, it will change back to the amount that you originally had.

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